The Care and Feeding of Your Soul…

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I was in a workshop today and there was a question posed; “What does the world need from you and what does your soul need from you?”

So throughout the day, as I have gone about my tasks, I have thought about this.

What are the things that feed my soul??

First and foremost, my faith. I would be desolate without that.

The people in my world. They feed my soul.

My person, the one  who I share everything with. He feeds my soul by making me think about things from a different world view. He allows me to see the world though different eyes. He allows me to be myself even when most would think I was  slightly more than odd. Just this past weekend, I was buying a couple of storytelling props and when I found a flamingo headband, he was cool with me putting it on right in the parking lot of the store where I purchased it. He is teaching me that although my roots do run deep, there is a big old world out there and many new people to meet. He is the keeper of all my secrets. He is teaching me to let my hair down and quit being so uptight.  He makes my heart smile.

 My best friend, she feeds me with laughter and joy. We have been friends through many things. We share each others burdens. We talk each other into going to work in the morning. We relive the craziness that has happened to us through the of our lives, we realize that there was a time when we had jobs and jobs didn’t have us,  and now that we are women of that certain age, we keep each other from ripping someones throat out and handing  it back to them.

My family, blood does run thicker than water and although there is not a great deal of hanging out with my family, they remind me that there is someone there who loves you, even if they never say it or in the case of my girls, they say it repeatedly.

My friends, I have all sorts of friends. Some teach me more about life and overcoming hardships than they will ever know.

Music feeds my soul. When I am stressed, sad, hurt, or happy I turn to music.

Today, as I have been thinking about this classical music has been playing. Canon in D is my favorite. It has played several times today.

Journaling feeds my soul. It is a  release for me to write the things I don’t want to say out loud. The fears, the insecurities, my dreams, my fantasies, they all live within the pages of the books of my life. I will admit, I have not been journaling as much as I should lately. This will change tonight. This lady needs a major brain dump.

Photography feeds my soul, it allows me to focus on things that others may never see.

Being around other people who love art, making, dreaming, achieving, always learning and always growing. Having synergy with others. I love art galleries and museums and would love to visit more.

I walked into a place a couple days ago and instantly felt at home. There was just a feeling about the building itself. Those who have been there working on their projects, had left little snippets of their spirit behind for me to feed on and hopefully, they will benefit from receiving some of my good energy. I left that place feeling refreshed and wanting to return.

Ultimately though, it is I who am responsible for the energy I allow to attach to me. I am going to try harder to let things that are unimportant go to allow my soul a chance to realign with those things and people who feed my soul. I am tired of trying to make everyone else happy while I suffer in silence. Only truly speaking my mind when I can no longer stand anymore,just keep them happy, keep them off your back, duck and cover. Nah, that doesn’t feed my soul. It makes my soul weary. It makes me dread facing the next battle. It also makes me seem negative and I honestly am not a negative person. I don’t like that.

I know life can get tough. It has been for me the last while. I haven’t been feeding my own soul. It is on me to make sure that I don’t lose sight of my dreams and my goals. Maybe I have made that turn in life where what I need from me is more imperative than keeping people who don’t appreciate what I have to offer happy.


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