The Month of June….

I was outside during my break. I had to stay close to the building, so I couldn’t take my usual walk. I was waiting for a phone call.

I stood there on the porch, soaking up some fresh air and watched traffic go up and down Main Street in our small town.

I felt the wind at my back.

I thought about my friend who has had a tough couple of days, like me she is coming to a cross roads and also like me, not sure what she is going to do or how she is going to accomplish what she needs to do.

Although our situations are the same they are also different.

I think about my person and how he is turning his dreams into real life objects that you can hold in your hand. I am kind of envious because I am not at that point yet with my main project. I am very happy for him. It thrills my soul to see his creations come to life.

I think about what I need to do tomorrow, it is a busy day. The things I need to have loaded in my car tomorrow morning to go to an event for work. Make sure the batteries are charged for the camera. Make sure you get your images transferred to the external hard drive and off the memory card. Do this, do that. make sure you check and double check your check list.

I think about the date, suddenly we are almost half way through the month of June.

How did we get here so quickly.

June is not my favorite month. It brings back some not so great memories. I know what day in June I dread more than any other. After four years, you would think I would have adjusted to it by now.

I know that day of the month will come, I also know that it will go.

I will survive it. I will  have made headway on my project that will give my dream wings by then. I intend to make this happen.  I need to get through this week and then I can get back to the task that fills my thoughts more than any other. Okay, maybe there are thoughts on another subject that fill my mind more, but that one shall remain unspoken.

I have a great deal of work to do. I have to do hands on physical work, I have to get back in the head space to move it forward. Life has been battering me a bit so I haven’t had the mental or maybe emotional fortitude to do what needs to be done. I need to work as hard for myself as I do others and I need to work smarter.

I just need to set aside some time next week to work out some logistics.

There problem with waiting til tomorrow, next week, next month, next year……they always sneak up on you when you are not looking.


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