Some Times It’s The Small Victories..


I have never been good at sewing I admit that in home ec class in high school, the cooking part I aced, the sewing part was an epic fail.

So when my person said, let make the quilt they are making at the library, after the sheer panic of  “I DON”T SEW!!” passed, I was said sure let’s do it.

The first square I sewed was okay. It wasn’t perfect, but I did it. One Monday night, over it a corner, by myself,  I faced something that I thought I couldn’t do,

The local quilting group is working with a group of beginners and I don”t think they knew what they were in for, Yesterday there were three or four of us there The lady teaching the class wasn’t critical although my first block wasn’t perfect. She said we could make it work. She showed me some tips and tricks that would help me out on the next block. It is a sampler quilt with different blocks for a year. I am doing the traditional pattern, my person is using the same pattern to make something different with it. It is very cool.

She worked with each of us on our level. She met us where we were in the process.

This doesn’t happen with me a great deal. I am in a job where no matter what I do, I never feel good enough. More, more, more, Sometimes you get to the place where you cant’t give more because you are tapped out.

I feel like a failure most of the time,

When I finished this quilt square yesterday, I wanted to leap in the air the way I do when my person and I are working on projects and I have a victory with that. The difference is that with him I am comfortable enough with him…now… to jump up in the air and celebrate my own victories.

With these ladies around, I was like yeah, that’s cool.

Sometimes things come along in life to remind you that you are not the failure that others want you to feel like you are. Some people try to put their own littleness on you.  You can be good at something that you never even thought you could do.

Sometimes it truly is about the small victories. Those victories come as we learn, move forward and better ourselves, for ourselves.


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