Always Say Good Night…

Last night, I goofed.

Imagine that, I goofed.

I always try to tell my person good night. There is a reason for this.

Last night, I said the words twice “Go get some rest”. I worry he will get busy working on something and not take care of himself.

I say this because there are times that this happens to me and I have to be reminded that I am not taking proper care of me.

So, I try to remind him to take care of him.

Last night, I forgot to tell him good night. We saw each other and as we parted, I just forgot to use my words.  As I lay in my bed, there was something nagging at me. There was something I did not do.

Then it dawned on me. I didn’t say “Good Night”. I did the best I could. I sent him a message.

The reason I always try to say good night. You never know if you will see the sun shine again and if I don’t get the chance to greet a new day, I want him to know that he was the last thought that crossed my mind before my eyes closed in sleep.

If you have that someone special in your life, always tell them good night. Do it however you need to do it just do it.


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