And All Was Right With The World…

Yesterday was wonderful.

I had plans. I don’t have plans a great deal. I like having plans.

I was going to spend time with him. I awoke late, it was my day off. My brain allowed me to sleep in.

I got up, did a new technique on my nails where I combined two contrasting colors. That didn’t work out so well. I wasn’t patient enough and smudged the paint but the technique worked great.

I got ready to go. I took my time. I usually throw on my face on the way out the door, but time allowed me to take my time and do it properly. I wanted to be beautiful.

I went and had breakfast, relaxed and waited. Trying to keep my excitement under control.  We met at 11:00.

We were going on a road trip. We were buying stuff for projects we would be working on together and separately.

We shopped together. We looked, we plundered, we explored, we had fun.

We went scavenging for items we could use to make quilts, fashion projects, jewelry items would could use for jewelry or in some other medium, household items the would be re-purposed for something other than what they created to be.

We laughed, we talked, we listened to music.

We ate at a new restaurant, that neither one of us had ever tried. I tried grilled tuna. I had never had grilled tuna before (don’t tell him that, it seems kinda lame). I think somehow he knew because of his response when I tried his. We went to the frozen yogurt place, he had never eaten there before. It was some firsts for both of us.

I didn’t realize it but he was looking for something for my birthday gift.

He asked me if I liked something. I wouldn’t answer him. We were looking at a lamp, we both knew we could make it more interesting with the projects we were working on. I was going to buy it, he took it away from me and said, “This is part of you not your birthday, birthday present”. I told him that it was time for me to get a new lamp the one above my bed had shorted out.

As we rode home, we just enjoyed each others company, there was not as much talking, just listening to music, and on my end of things, just enjoying being with him. I looked at him at one point and said “Do you know how content I have been today.” I’m not sure he knows that it was because I was with him. It was. We could be sitting in a meadow talking. We could be sitting in the back of my car enjoying the view We could be at a museum enjoying art and history.  It doesn’t matter where I am but who I am with. It is pretty simple.

I don’t need fancy. I just treasure the time I have with him. We enjoy a great deal of the same things. Creating, nature, music, coffee, and I enjoy us being together and discussing things.

I told him of a couple of life lessons I learned this week. Things he had been trying to tell me, that I did hear, I just didn’t implement until it was too late.  The mini version of him was sitting on my left shoulder when I learned these lessons going did ya hear that? Did ya see what he just did? He does that a lot.

When we got back to town, I took him and showed him my hiding place. I shared with him how I felt when I was there. I told him that it was a place where I find peace and that he and my dad were the only ones who know I hide up there.  My mom knows I have gone a couple of time but not that I hang out up there regularly.

Sharing that place with him was wonderful. Now maybe next time I ask him to go with me, he will. I introduced him to the place where I find my solitude. I want him to be part of that area of my life. He and this place have one gigantic thing in common, they both make me feel safe, and that all is right with the world.


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