A Road Trip with my Parents Leads to an Unexpected Reunion….

Today after church, I came home. I was going to go through some of the purchases I had made yesterday and iron material for a quilt I am going to attempt to make….I don’t sew. This should be interesting.

As I was walking about the house, I hear a car pull up in my driveway. My dad yells through the screen door, get in the car.

When my dad tells me to get in the car, I get in the car. Always have.

We were going to a neighboring county/state to a festival. Now, if you’re not from the South let me educate you a little bit. In the south, we celebrate every fruit, vegetable and tree that ever grew in the soil.

So, today there was a festival. We were going to a festival. I don’t do crowds well. Take the camera. I don’t do crowds. Keep the barrier between you and the world.

So we get in the car. Life lesson one… I know where I get my love of crooked roads and heavy foot from my daddy. I usually do not combine the two, he does. He was going around some of those curves like a bat out of hell.

So picture it..zigzag lines….. I get into the back seat of their car. We are going up the road, my dad lights up. He smokes, has all my life, my doesn’t. The only time she ever thought about it was when she was pregnant with me and she craved them then. So anyway, dad lights up, she complains. He goes around a curve, she makes a comment, next curve we go around faster. That is how the communicate. They have never been lovey dovey and if they were, I would crap and fall back in it. They are in their 70’s, they have learned by now what works for them.

I must say he was taking those curves so fast that if I had cell service in the part of the boonies we were in I would have sent a couple of those “so long it’s been nice to know you” messages.

We arrive at our destination and get in line to get food. It’s a festival for God sake you have to eat. While we were standing in line, my dad’s friend who had asked him to come walks by. His name is James. They are standing there talking and James kids my dad. I crack up.

I said well thanks, now I’ll have to walk home. James said Nah, I’ll take you home, to which my father quickly responds “Boy, you ain’t taking my daughter nowhere”.

We walked around through the festival and I was taking some photos of the dancing taking place on the make shift stage. Suddenly, a face I knew over a decade ago dance into the lens of my camera. It was a lady I had worked with.

When she came off the dance floor,  I called her name. She looked at me. She said I know you, but I don’t know you.

I said add back (insert the amount of weight I had lost here). She instantly called me by name. Which kind of makes you feel good and bad at the same time.

She asked me how I was doing and she then asked me where my husband was. I told her that he had passed away almost 4 years ago. Then she got the look. She quickly told me how sorry she was (knew that one was coming) and asked me how I was doing. I told her I was doing very well.

We talked for a few minutes and my parents told me they were ready to return home.

We said our goodbyes and I got into the car. I thought of her on the way home She had fought a battle against cancer when I worked with her and she had won.

It was nice to see her. It was nice to see her healthy and enjoying her life.

Then the return trip home…….

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