Those Things That Make Your Heart Smile…

Yesterday was not my best day ever. I didn’t handle yesterday well. I finally stood up for myself and I got loud. Now, I wasn’t born with an inside voice, so when I say I got loud, I. GOT. LOUD!!!

I don’t like to get loud. It drains too much of my energy. It was a waste of the one thing I value most. Time. It could have been avoided, but, much like my parents, Do no harm, take no crap. And this was crap.

I allowed my inner warrior goddess to handle things. She has a name. She shows up when I have had all I can take.

So, I allowed things to play out, put it behind me. Had a wonderful afternoon, learning more about a new project I and my person are embarking on, went to church and went to bed.

Now, this is not normal for me. As a chronic worrier, my usual routine is this…. Lose my temper, spit my mouth off (although what I am saying is honest), worry about it, fret over it, over think it, allow it to interrupt my sleep.  Wake up for the next few days fretting over it.

This time, none of that happened. I was fine with how I handled myself, how I didn’t allow myself to be run over.

I slept very well last night, in fact, I slept so well that I woke up early enough to do two loads of laundry before I began my day.

I had to be out in the community today, it is part of my job, so I decided to start it where I have been starting my day every morning since I went on the “I want to lose 15 pounds in 20 days diet, so no biscuit diet”, at the restaurant my best friend manages.

My person works there also. This is good for me as well. Starting the day with two people I love.

I had called in my order so it would be ready when I got there.

The plan was a BLT on whole wheat. Well, that didn’t happen because pancakes were mentioned.

So I told her to have him fix me a pancake, I was on my way.

Well, much to my delight, it was a work of art. I had a smiling face looking back at me when I looked down at my plate. There was a smiley face complete with pancake hair.

This started my day off wonderfully, I have had this silly grin on my face all day. It was such an amazingly thoughtful gesture. Not many people would take that much time and effort on a pancake, just so I would smile. That’s amazing!!!

During lunch, I went outside. I laid on the grass. I felt the cool spring breeze, watched the leaves on the trees dancing in the breeze, like miniature, green ballet dancers that couldn’t break free no matter how hard they tried. I thought of nothing and just listened to myself breathe.

I have been blessed with an amazing day. I also realize that life is a bumpy road to quote my person, you gotta take the down days with the up day. You get them both and you most assuredly don’t know which it will be when your feet hit the floor each new day.

You may get the day where your warrior goddess has to roar like a lion to get her point across or you may have smiling pancakes and sunshine. Either way, know life is truly good.


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