Young Love…

I had breakfast this morning with my best friend, her daughter (my daughter figure) and the son-in-law. They have been married less than a year.

It was one of the rare instances that we could all sit down and eat together.

We talked about things. Nothing in particular. I watched as “the kids” joked around. They had gone flying yesterday and we watched videos and looked at photos they had taken.

It was fun to watch them. I was reminded of me and my late husband. I was in my 20’s when we were married. He was in his 30’s.

Just like these two, we had the world by the tail and happily ever after was a real thing. We had fun. We didn’t go on adventures. He was an indoor kind of guy.

At one point, he was rubbing her back and said, wouldn’t you like to have somebody who rubs your back every night as you are going to sleep. My reply was I did.

What I wanted to say was, don’t ever take what you have for granted. Don’t assume you have tomorrow. Don’t speak in anger. Speak words of life and love. Don’t do anything that you will have to live with when one of you is gone. My only reply though was I did.

As I watched them, I smiled. I remembered. We never had much. Medical bills took most of both our incomes. We surely did have love, respect and trust. Those are the things that truly matter in life.

They will make it. She is tough as a cob. If it comes into her mind it will come out her mouth and he accepts her for who she is.

I am more of a risk taker in this chapter of my life. In the first chapter, I was just content to be with him. Whatever he wanted to do, it would be done. I didn’t care. Now, I know that I might not be here tomorrow and I have to make the most of every moment I am given.

I am meant to be here to live. Just enduring this part of my life is not an option.

I think he would be disappointed if I didn’t live my life to it’s fullest potential. After all, he thought I could do anything.

I would like to be loved again. Will that happen???? i don’t know the answer to that one.


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