Uh Oh…….

I have been working for weeks on a project. I had left everything wired up, in working order, in a public space.

Stop me when you see the problem here….. yep, in a public space. You might see where this is leading.

I had to leave my corner and run down the street, for just a few moments. When I returned, something was amiss.

All the wires I had carefully placed, yanked out.

In my mind, there was this little middle age mini me running around going OH MY GAWD!!!!

All those hours of work.

My external persona was asking the young man disassembling my project if he liked electronics and talking to him about joining a group in his area to learn more about this type of thing.

I went back to my corner. I sat I watched as he went about trying to do the first exercise in the manual. When it didn’t work, I was able to help him, I may not have explained it as well as my person who is teaching me. He is much better than I am at is explaining this stuff.

It was a teachable moment for me. I could have panicked and lost my cool. I didn’t. This was hours of work, ripped apart in moments. It was also a chance for me to believe in what I had learned and to share it with someone else.

I could have never done this on my own. I didn’t do this on my own, as with so many of my leaps in Chapter 2 of my life, he (my person) is such a huge part of it. He has taught me about electronics, photography, heck, he is the reason you all know I exist. “If you are feeling this, don’t you think there are others out there you might help?”

He has taught me so much about life. One of the most important things he has taught me is that life will throw you curve balls. You can chill and conquer or you can make yourself crazy and fall on your face, (“which you will, do it quick and get it over with, then pick yourself up and get on with it”.)

My person,  he is someone special. He has taught me how to be a better person. His mind, his heart, his vision for what the world can be. So many people just don’t “get him”. We live in a community where if they know your name and your job title, they think they know you.

Let me tell you this, they don’t even begin to understand the depth of this man. He is a true Renaissance Man.  This is but one of the reasons that I am in love with him.


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