I love to watch flying things like butterflies and birds. I love to blow a dandelion and watch them fly in the soft spring breeze. I love to see things that fly.

I was watching some birds fly today and  something occurred to me.

My nickname given to me by my father as a child was “Bird”. My sister was “Toot”, I was and still am “Bird”.

He doesn’t call her Toot now. He calls her by her given name. Not me though, when he calls me, I will answer the phone and hear one of two things. “Bird”??? or “Birdie”???

I was always a “daddy’s girl”. He didn’t do anything without I was tagging along behind him. If he was on the tractor, I was clinging to his neck. If he was sawing a board, I was standing on it to steady the end of it. If he was going to the store, just across the hill, I would literally lay down in the yard, kick and scream until he came back to get me.

To some extent, I am still Daddy’s little girl. He makes sure everything is fixed at my house. He came by Saturday and worked on my commode. He has recently fixed the mowing deck on my lawn mower. He will call and check for the next several days to make sure both are working correctly. He doesn’t interfere in my life, he watches from a distance to make sure I am okay. He is always there though when I call and say, “Hey, it’s your pain in the butt calling.” He doesn’t make a big “to do” when he does something. He just does it, going seemingly unnoticed. He is somewhat introverted, he sees everything, says nothing, waits until it is the right time to speak and says what he needs to say. He wants to do for others and is uncomfortable when you try to do something  for him. Uuuummmm….sounds like someone else in my life.

 My dad and I  both like a good joke. I told him one that I had heard just Sunday. We like to get one over on people. We have the same loud laugh when we are really laughing at something and we circle around social situations instead of jumping in the middle.

Did my father know long ago when he called me Bird for the first time that the day would come when I wanted to grow wings and fly?

Did he see that there would be a part of me that wanted to feel the wind beneath my wings and to look at the world from up above? Did he know that I would have to adjust to the storms of life that would come my way? That it would be tough but I would adjust, even though it looked like I would crash and burn at times.

I honestly don’t know how I got that nickname. He nor my mother has ever told me how it came to be. He has nicknamed each and everyone of the children (Toot and Bird), grandchildren (mannie and rudy)  and great-grandchildren (Dink, Bite Bite and Magoo).  Wonder what our new babies nickname will be in August?

This is how he refers to us. Unless we are in trouble. Then we get called by name. If our full name is used, we are in it deep.

I will always be “Bird” to him. I just hope this bird can fly as high as he believes I can.


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