My New Hiding Place

I have a certain admiration for old, abandoned houses.

I try to get to know them and respect the fact that they existed. They served their purpose providing shelter for a family. I honor that.

I found a “new” old house today It is on the same lane as another old house I had recently discovered.

This one though is different. I was driving up through the small unpaved road in the middle of a Christmas Tree farm and there it sat. The old house with one pane of glass left hanging in the frame of the window.

There was a out building built of stone, two ponds and a stream. When I pulled around, there were 2 geese and a duck hanging out in the pond. I totally lost track of time and was late to church.

After church I went back to the old house. I found a place where I could hear the stream run, I leaned my seat back and just rested.

I had earned this rest. I had worked myself to the brink of death yesterday. I had mowed my yard, done the trimming, pruned some trees and briers, cleaned the house and did five loads of laundry.

I had woken up in the night with a migraine headache and battled it during the wee hours of the morning. I had earned the chance to take a break. So I leaned back, I put my feet out the window and I just listened. I heard a bull frog singing his bass notes. I heard birds chirping and singing their spring songs.

I felt the warmth of the  sun on my face. I just let it bake my worries away. I felt the breeze as it blew through the car windows. I thought of nothing. I allowed myself to just be in the moment.

There was a play I was going to attend at three o’clock. This was another luxury I afforded myself. This was a play I was not producing. I was just someone in the audience. I sat with my person at the play. When it was over, for the third time, I went back to the old house. I had taken photos of it in the morning light. Now, I would take photos of it in the evening light. I walked around it several times. I looked at it from every direction.

I roamed around the ponds and listened to the glug, glug of the water source feeding the pond. I listened as the stream ran along the rocks, making a totally different sound.

I saw dragonflies, I saw fish, I saw a rock that looked like a turtle. I examined the old house and found an old rolled up mattress and shoes left by former tenants. There was hay and corncobs in the house.

I didn’t go in. I know my limitations. I was not ready to go inside. I may never go inside. I won’t go inside alone.

It is a new place for me to go and escape the rat race and just breathe.

We all need that place. This one, no one should find me. It is on private property, I just so happen to know the people who lease it.

There is only one person I want to share this place with. I will, when the time is right.


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