What Matters Most…

I have very close knit group of people around me and for those people, I would fight to the death.

If you do them wrong, I am done with you. You don’t hurt those I love.

I will help them in any way I can, I will be there for them no matter what. I love each and everyone of them dearly and differently.

Two of them have had birthdays in the last couple of weeks. My person, I just wanted to spend quite time with him and enjoy the pleasure of his company. Take a little bit of time away from our small community and just enjoy time together. He is the person who makes my heart smile. He is the one who helped me realize that my heart could beat again. He is the one who makes me long to be a better person. He stirs up feelings in me that I have kept buried for far too long. He is the one that reminded me that I am a woman, albeit a socially awkward  woman but still a normally healthy woman.

When I look into his eyes, I see worlds I have never seen before. They see right into my soul. Those eyes can turn a very intelligent woman into a babbling idiot. The other day, I am pretty sure I broke into caveman speech when trying to talk to him after he shaved his beard. I have explained this to him.

Then there is my best friend. Today is her birthday. As per usual, I pranked her. It took some doing, it took some planning on my part, It took me getting up at 5:00 am on my day off to get it done, but by golly, I did it.

A couple or three people knew what was going to happen. One saw a photo of the plan before it happened.

I took the scenic route and took some photos while I was waiting for her to open the business she manages. I then go in and take her gifts to her and the whole time she is watching me, she is waiting for the prank. It was great. I stayed there for a while. It is the local place where the farmers come to gather of the morning for breakfast and usually bring their families back for dinner.

I knew everybody who came in there. I spoke to them.One of them sat down at the table with me.

She is the person that I just laugh with. We have very much the same sense of humor. People say we sound mean to each other at times. It is just how we are. We have been friends longer than we want to admit.

These are the people I love spending time with. I learn from them and hopefully, the might carry a little something away from having known me.

These people have stood by me through more hell that the people who are from my own gene pool.

They are what matter most. I know that one of them reads this blog. Not sure how often the other one does. To both of you, my life would never have been bearable without you and the joy you bring to my life. Yes, you both know I am crying as I type this.


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