Happiness is Truly a Choice…

Last night, I had some things on my mind. It is a difficult time in the suburbs of my life. Meaning it doesn’t directly concern me, it downs however effect people who are near to my heart.

Sleeping did not come easy for me. As I lay alone in the darkness with no one to talk to, I let what was worrying me, eat at me. I had just had a conversation with a brokenhearted mother/grandmother and I could only offer my prayers and support.

What others choose to do with their life is their business. I may not agree with their choices, I may not understand their actions, I do understand the concept of too late. I do know that at any moment someone can be stripped out of your life and you won’t have the chance to make wrongs right.

Amidst my fretting, an image started forming in my mind. In the wee hours of the morning, I sat in my bed, snuggled in under the covers and I tried to transfer the images I was seeing in my head onto the sketch pad resting on my knees.

I got  lost as I sketched this heart full of cracked places with vines growing out of it.

This  is how I see things at times.  There are times when life seems to be choking your very heart and soul. You can’t do anything to stop it from happening. You simply, do the best you can daily to find your happy.

Creating things makes me happy, making others smile makes me happy, the people in my life who have proven faithful and true make me happy.

Choose this day to be happy. Yes, it may truly be a struggle. I didn’t say it would be easy. I said it is a choice.


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