As adults, we all make decisions and choices.

It may be something minute or something life altering. We all make decisions on a daily basis.

When making those choices, most of the time our feelings drive us. Well, some of us. We, with a feeling inclination, think with our heart. Logical thinkers, lay out all the facts then make their decision on that. I am not saying one is right and the other is wrong. It is just that some people think or react with their heart and some with their brain. There are a few who do both. They are the people who look at every thing from every angle then make their decision.

I personally use feeling more than logic, most of the time.

I have seen recently a situation where one person made a choice, which affected many other people. Some of them were adults, others were not.

Because of this choice, someone else had to make a decision. I am not saying their decision was right or wrong. I don’t live in their walls nor do I walk in their shoes.

I will not have to live with the consequences of anyone’s actions but my own. Those are what I have to sleep with at night.

The thing that worries me is when children are involved. They cant help the decisions adults make. They are just caught up in the aftershock.

I don’t know how this will turn out, my prayer is that lessons have been learned. My hope is that there is a happily ever after. My fear is the collateral damage has already been done.

Adulting is not fun. It is time for all of us to remember that our actions never only effect ourselves, particularly when children are involved.


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