I Got A Call Yesterday…. And I Missed It

I told you about my cousin that has leukemia. Well, now it is had.

She called me yesterday and I was in a meeting. She called twice. When I saw her number, I panicked.

I tried to call her back yesterday and today. She finally got to tell me her news. Her blood marrow test came back that she is cancer free.

I was the first person she called with the bad news and I was the first one she tried to contact with the good news…and I missed it.

I am so very happy for her and her family. She had seven reasons to fight the most grueling battle she has ever found herself in.

I have wondered as I have watched her social media post and spoken with her on the phone or via messages when she couldn’t speak if in this same fight, would I have the strength and steadfastness she has had.

I honestly don’t know. She has a husband and six children depending on her. I have neither. So at the current moment I don’t know.

I am just very happy that she has won this battle. She still has a long recovery ahead of her. They basically had to kill her immune system to kill the cancer cells. She still has a ways to go but I know that she will continue to fight like a champ.

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