My “Old” Friend

Today did not turn out as I had wished. It turned out well though.

We have had torrential rains where I live. So, of course, being a Gemini, I am a flexible creature. I went for a Sunday drive, in torrents of rain, just so I could see the water overflowing it’s banks. It is one of the things I enjoy doing. Capturing nature in it’s rawness. I was waiting to see if my plans to going to come to pass so I decided to visit my old friend. I may have written about her before.

She is an old two story house on a back road that unless you were looking for her, you would drive right past and never even see her. To some, she wears a cloak of invisibility but when she reveals herself to you, she allows you to see her beauty.

She is dying of neglect. She looked very sad today. I sat and I looked at her.

I have never seen her from the inside, just from a distance from the outside. I want to get closer to her but haven’t yet legally figured out how. As a photographer, I respect other peoples land.

As I sat there today, I thought about her. I wondered if rain had crept in the now caving in roof and raindrops ran down her walls as tears would run down a human face. She was once part of something much bigger.

In my mind, some young man had built her for his new bride. This would be their home.

I thought about the love that was made under the shelter of her roof. How that because of this sacred shared bond, children could be heard laughing and playing in the safety of her walls and in the yard surrounding her.

How that people have lived, laughed and loved as she looked on. She was part of their lives. They kept her clean and they were proud of her. She was a part of their family, the children grew up and moved into homes of their own. The grandchildren might have come to visit and played in the same spots their parents had played in.

Then death crept in, taking one of them. Then the other went. The house passed down through generations. Each generation feeling less of an attachment to the house.

She was no longer part of the family. She sat empty. The household items had been claimed. She sat and watched the people and the things she loved disappear one at a time. She could not stop it. She had to sit there and watch.

Over the years, the house was sold to someone who had no connection at all to her. There is now cattle in the yard where the children used to play.

I am not sure how much of what I imagine is true. It is just the story of my friend who can’t tell me her story herself.

I believe that we leave energy behind us in places we have dwelt. So maybe she was sad today and crying.


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