My Great Aunt

I have one great aunt left. My paternal grandmother’s sister.

Last night I dreamed about her. It was a simple enough dream. We were at a family function and I walked over to her. She was sitting in a recliner which was laid back. She had a blanket over her, My person was there with me. I introduced them and I looked at her and said Isn’t he handsome. She crinkled her nose like she used to do when I was a child, she did it to make us think she was going to tell us no. And she said he sure is and he loves you.

I remember that she was wearing a red shirt and she looked like she used to, a few years back.

That’s all I remember of the dream.

Now, my first question was, why did I dream about her? She has been in assisted living for three years. She is not well. Is she about to make her transition.

She like her sister, not classic beauties, but they both had the same dark hair and dark eyes as me. They were always “put together”.

My great aunt was widowed at a very young age and she raised her three children on her own.

Her husband was abusive to her and after he died, they asked her if she would remarry. She said No, after what I lived through, I don’t ever want another man. She never has dated anyone.

She took care of herself very well. She could do anything a man could do and she was an excellent snake killer. We found that out when my grandmother transitioned and a snake fell out of the tree that still stands in my yard. The little kids were playing under the tree, the snake found out and “Aunt” came to the rescue.

My niece still talks about that today. How she just came marching up through the yard and gave that snake what for.

The last time I saw her was in a local restaurant. She wasn’t put together at all Her hair wasn’t “fixed”, her clothes were just hanging on her. It made me sad, to see how she had changed so quickly.  I even mentioned it to my mom, that there was something not right about her that day. I was correct.

I hope “Aunt” is doing as well as she can. I know she was right in part of what she said in my dream. He is handsome. I hope she was right about the rest.

Now, I have to go see what the color red means in dreams.


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