And she rides in like Lady Godiva with a dust mop….

The IDG (inner domestic goddess) has reared her head in a fearsome way today.

I had a delightful day yesterday. I got to spend time with those I love. I got to try something new. I got to spend the afternoon with the one person who can make my heart smile so big, it feels it might just explode from happiness. I got to touch his hand and realize how badly I want to hold it. So yesterday, was a fantastic day.

I woke up this morning. I knew I needed to clean the house. It is getting too junked up for my taste. I admit I will never win the cleanest house on the planet award. That will probably go to my best friend who has OCD or my sister who is a stress cleaner. Right now with their worlds being in upheaval, it is a toss up who would win.

For 18 &1/2 years, I had a clean house For 4 of those, my house was immaculate. It pretty much had to be, it was practically a hospital.  So now, I don’t worry about it so much. Somebody will clean it when I die.

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful and I have been moving and checking, not standing still in one place for too long.

So the house kinda needed some attention Never let your inner domestic goddess know that you are going to clean. She becomes beastly. She sees every spot of dust, in every nook and every cranny. She will have you stripping the bed, turning the mattress, taking out the headboard that is no longer attached to the bed and bangs the wall in the middle of the night. She will have you dusting, vacuuming and Lord help me, yes, washing windows. All the while she has you doing laundry.

I was working for three hours when I realized, I had not had food. Nothing. I had just been working away when I realized the self sustaining tab in my brain had opened up and Food was flashing in red letter.

So, I get something to eat and I continue. I have now finished cleaning my bedroom. It looks great, smells like daffodils from the linen spray I put on my sheets. She is satisfied for now. I know it won’t last for long. She has already shown me which room to do next, so for now, I sit on my bed, watching a movie. I have done work, now it is time to do something relaxing and fun. Until, she rides in again like Lady Godiva with a dust mop!!!


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