We all have this place in our heart and our mind where memories are stored.

Today I visited that place in two different ways. I made a new memory and relived some old ones.

I woke up this morning and my dad called me and told me to bring my car over to the shop so I could get the oil changed. When I arrived, he was leaving and told me he was going to check on some of his workers. He manages a Christmas tree farm.

He asked me if I wanted to ride with him. Well of course I did. I have always been a daddy’s girl. He didn’t do anything be it working on a car or riding a tractor, that I wasn’t right there beside him asking questions. When the tractor would raise up on the two back wheels going up a hill, I would wrap my arms around his neck because I knew he would let nothing hurt me.

My folks are getting older now. Those hands that were so firm, strong and solid are beginning to shake. It was a very interesting trip, I figured out exactly where my love of taking the back roads came from. He took me on this crooked little road where when you looked down, all you see is down. He stopped and let me take a couple of photos with my cell phone. I will make another trip up this road, with my real camera, very soon.

At one point we passed an old house and I said it needs it’s photo taken. Suddenly he stopped and backed up. I said I don’t have my camera. He said no, look at that squirrel. There on the side of the tree was a red squirrel. I don’t know how he had seen it but he had. A new memory.

Then I went up to the lodge. Today, I thought about a photo shoot that happened up there two years ago. I thought about the photographer on that trip. I thought about how he captured such lovely moments. The moment that he caught me and my best friend being our goofy selves and her husband looking at us like we didn’t have a brain. I strolled though the field where we walked while the others walked along the road that ran past the lodge and I smile.

I had to wonder what he would see if he came to the lodge with me. He sees me differently than others do. He sees me much differently than I see myself most days. My favorite photo of myself is one that he took of me.

As I relived those moments, I smiled. That was a happy day. It was a day that will be forever in the little wooden box in my heart where my favorite memories are stored. That was the day I was sure…….I just hadn’t figured out how to say it.


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