Family Stories…

We all have family stories. Today I heard a great one, it was painted so vividly, I could see it as if were playing out before my eyes. It was quite an enchanting tale. I told some, maybe not quite as enchanting but just as important to my history.

I guess with the Leukemia diagnosis that my cousin got yesterday, I think more about family stories. My dad and her dad were brothers. Her dad passed away several years ago from cancer.

The older my dad gets the more he makes me think of his dad. Their father. I guess my best memories of him are his rock collection and one really funny story.

Do you mind if I share??? Thanks!!!

One day I was at my grandparents house. We were sitting in their living room. It was an old house. It sat where my yard is now. When he passed away suddenly from a heart attack, the children built grandma a new house. The same one I am sitting in writing this blog.

Sorry, I wandered off there, So anyway, we were sitting in the house and I noticed that grandma looked behind my head and got this odd look on her face. Grandpa slipped out onto the front porch just as my grandma said “Don’t move!!” I said what’s wrong. She “Nothing just don’t move!!” I am sitting on the couch thinking okay, grandma’s lost it.

As grandpa came back into the house, potato digger in hand, grandma said “I am going to tell you something but you have to promise not to move”. I of course said okay.

She looked me in the eye and said, “there is a snake crawling down the wall behind you”. Well, what would you have done?? Me too, I jumped and ran. Just as I was leaving the couch in leap/run, my grandfather came down with the potato digger right beside my head and got the snake.”

Now I am all for nature, in nature. When nature comes inside, well it is every critter for him or herself.

Family stories are important. I am trying to get my mom to write her stories down. She has some great ones. She also has three great grand daughters who will want to read about when “Grandma” was a little girl. She has shared some of them with me but they are not my stories to tell while she is here. They are hers.

If you have family stories, share them, verbally, in writing, on video. However you need to do it. Just share them, they are important!!!


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