She Doesn’t Need A Dozen Roses….

It is spring in the south. The first little flowers brave enough to stick their heads out of the soil in the spring are daffodils.

This is fine with me. They are my favorite flowers. They are bright yellow and happy. They remind you of the sunshine you used to color when you were a kid. You know the one where you would use half the yellow crayon in one drawing because you wanted sun to shine as bright as you could.

Someone brought a vase of them into where I work yesterday. I looked at them. They were a bright spot in the day. They made me smile.

I am not a person who wants a dozen roses or diamonds. I am pretty satisfied with simple things. I like roses. Roses are beautiful, they start out as these small buds and bloom into beautiful lush, red velvet is the nearest thing I can compare it to.

Daffodils, are probably more fragile than roses when they are growing. They come out of hiding while there is a chance temperatures will be below freezing. They might get snowed on. If that happens, their life is short so you get a limited amount of time to see them where they are growing. You get a limited time to collect them before they leave for another year.

I am the person who if you brought me a single daffodil picked from a cluster growing in the yard would be happier than if you went to the florist and purchased a giant vase of roses. The reasoning behind that….you had to be the right place to find that daffodil, you took the effort to find the one you liked best, you bent down to pick it and you carried it in to me. You didn’t just pick up the phone and make a call and let someone else do the work. You put thought and effort into it.

In life, it truly is not about the big things. It is not about the one who dies with the biggest or most toys. You won’t take them with you when you go. It is about those little things, those little moments along the way, that is what truly makes life worth living.


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