And She Took A Leap of Faith

Today, my best friend and I ran away from home. Just for 3 hours but we just needed some time.

She had a doctors appointment this morning so we couldn’t meet up until she finished. I went to the local high school track to walk. Not the best idea. I have been having back problems the last few days and I don’t know when to stop.

While at the track I got behind a little girl who had only one leg. I watched her as she “walked” around the track with the aid of one of those rolling walkers.

I thought about how tired that one little leg had to be at the end of the day. It had to do the work of two. The walker would roll but she had to push off with her leg.

We both made a couple laps around the track and then she did it. I stopped and watched her as she yelled at the other children and she waved them out of the way. Then when the hill was clear, she pushed off as hard as she could and sailed down the hill.

She knew the teachers would be watching out for her, but she was depending on a piece of medical equipment to carry her down the hill safely. It did.

I had taken a leap of faith myself earlier that morning. I had invited someone to one of my secret places. That place where I go to find peace. One of those places that I don’t want to share with just anyone because it is special to me in Chapter 2 of my life. There were no memories there from Chapter 1.

When taking that leap of faith and opening up a part of yourself to someone else, that is a GIANT leap of faith.

I went for another walk this evening. I thought about that little girl, I don’t even know her name, but she made a difference in my life. I thought about the other little people in my life who are hurting. Then I felt them, the tears rolling down my cheek. I was crying for them and maybe just a little bit for me.

I had taken my camera on my stroll and I noticed at some point that I was carrying it like a “photographer”. You know by the way someone carries their camera how much the value it. They cradle it, they protect it. It is the same with people. You protect those you care for or at least you do the best you can.

I wish I was more like that little girl. She knew no fear. She just trusted. As adults, we always build walls, we think people can’t care for us just because they care for us.

I went by to check on my other little people on my way home. I took them in my arms, I cradled them and I did my best to help them feel protected. It’s what you do for people you love.


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