Do You Ever Feel Like Wallpaper??

Feeling like wallpaper is a terrible feeling. It basically means you go unnoticed and you feel helpless.

I feel like that a good deal of the time. I do things and nobody notices. It just becomes expected.  I am the little fairy who makes things happen when no one is looking and all I get outta the deal is can you do more.

 I am nothing special. The world would go on if I weren’t here. They would find more wallpaper to patch the hole.

It hurts to be wallpaper. You just blend in. There is nothing special about you. You are part of the decor. I have felt like this a couple of times and always for the same reason. It hurts.

You walk past it and you move on.

I know someone who is going through a painful time right now. I am there to be a sounding board for a problem I have never faced. I can’t tell them what to do or how to do for I have never walked in their shoes. The wallpaper is helpless. She can listen.

I will  help any way I can but I can not fix it. I can rejoice with those who rejoice. I can also weep with those who weep. I can dance with those who dance. I am part of the human experience. I am sensitive to the fears and doubts of those around me. I feel it very deeply. I can not fix it however. I figured out long ago that I can’t fix everything.

I can help, I can cheer lead, I can hold you while you cry. I can’t fix it.

So the wallpaper goes out to face the day. Once again, things will happen that will go unnoticed. People will take for granted that it will be done. I will be part of the decor.


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