A Child’s Act of Kindness….

I have been stressed to the Heavens lately. I have been beat down so low I have had to look up to see dirt. I have let others push me to the point where I don’t care about something that I once loved. It is sad.

I am at the point where I show up do what I am supposed to do, with a much interest as I can force myself to muster up, which is not much. I am not proud of this fact but when you are blindsided, although you were warned by someone who saw it coming, you just do what you have to do to get by. The 150% I was giving them is gone.

Everyone else does just enough to get by. Why should I kill myself? I struggle with this. This is not how I was raised. You do a job, you give it your all and you walk away proud.

Zigzag lines here, flash back to yesterday. A small child came up to me and said” look at this, it is a dollar from Brazil”. I said that is very cool. I looked at it and told her once again how great it was. It was interesting for me to look at. I had never seen one.

A few moments later, her twin sister came up to me with it in her hand. She said” My sister wants to know if you want to have this”. I said no honey, you tell your sister to keep it but thank her for me. I walked past the first little girl and I said thank you for offering me you Brazilian dollar, but you keep it. She looks up at me and said, “I wanted to give it to you so that WHEN you go to Brazil, you will have some money to spend.”

This child has no clue that someday soon, hopefully, I want to take my storytelling on the road. Storytellers travel all over the world. I could be in Brazil telling my story some day. In her mind it is a done deal that I am going to Brazil and I will need her dollar.

As the person who stands around with the teeny tiny umbrella waiting for the next anvil to fall and squish her and her umbrella. She knows the umbrella will not stop the anvil from falling nor will it provide protection, it was so very refreshing a child’s act of kindness in a world that seems at time to be very cold and bitter and your teeny tiny umbrella offers very little protection


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