When Someone You Love Hurts…..

I remember once praying that if God would take a sickness from someone I loved, that I would take it.

When I love someone, I love them. I don’t use that term loosely. I love different people in different ways. I love my parents. I have been blessed with amazing parents. They are starting to get older now. They are not as spry as they once were. Today I saw them both. I spent some time with my mom. We talked some about when I was born.

She told me that I was 7lbs 6ozs., 19 inches long. She told me that when she was in the delivery room, they dropped something and my dad thought they had let her roll off the table. Back in the day, the dad’s sat outside the door. My paternal grandmother about had to sit on him to keep him out of the delivery room. She told me that I had black hair and brown eyes and the doctor said I was one of the prettiest babies he had ever delivered.

I love my best friend. She is the one that I get into trouble with. She is one of my sounding boards. She is truly there for me no matter what. There was a time when I was taking care of a sick husband and she was raising a family that we didn’t talk all the time.She was one of the first people to my house when my husband passed away. She has a heart of gold and people tend to abuse that fact.

I love my little girls. They love me just because I am me. I love them individually for who they are. Their unique personalities give me cause to smile. There will be a new little person in my life for me to love in August.

Then there is my person…..The one who holds my heart. I love him for all the things he is. He is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. His mind is amazing,  He is a visionary. He is so creative.  His heart is like no person I have ever met. He offers me support and guidance when I am trying something new. He is patient when I struggle through the bumps in the road.  He believes in me. He saw me when I was invisible. When  I was at my lowest point, he was there. There are not many people like that around. I am so glad that God blessed me to have him in my life. I hope he feels the same.

He has been slightly under the weather. Nothing serious. I found myself saying the words I have said in the past. “Why couldn’t I have gotten it instead of him”. He doesn’t like people worrying about him. By now I am sure he knows I do. That’s okay. I care about him more than I can even tell him, for there are not enough words to begin to express what resides in my heart. Hopefully, he can see it when he looks into my eyes. For they are the windows to the soul.


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