Her Delicate Moments…..

She isn’t high maintenance. She doesn’t have to have the latest fashions. She is content with simple yet meaningful things. Long walks, the investing of time, sincerity, peace, happiness, touch. A simple rub on her cheek would make her knees tremble. Those are the things she cherishes. The investment of time was the greatest gift she received for she knew the value of time.

Night hours are the longest. Restless sleep. Her bed every morning looks like she has been in a battle. Some mornings she wakes up more tired than when she went to sleep.

She can’t stop. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to she just can’t.

Her most delicate moments are when she stops. Those moments when her mind wanders to the one thing she desires most.

She doesn’t dwell on it.In her minds eys, she can see exactly what she wants in vivid detail.  So she waits. She works. She keeps going. She can’t stop.

In those night hours when she stirs from her sleep, her mind goes directly to the object of her desire. She wills herself to go back to sleep. She knows that everything will happen in the right time. She ponders on what the future holds. So for now, she dreams, she wishes, she prays and she hopes.. For now, that has to be enough.


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