An afternoon with my girls…..

With my hectic schedule, I have not had a great deal of time to spend with my great nieces.

I stopped by on Saturday for just a moment. This afternoon I was on my way to one of those places I go to rest my mind I needed to just unwind and breathe. Just to focus on nature and be.

Well, that plan changed when I stopped to see the girls for “just a minute”. Before it was over, I had tried to tell one how to draw a flower, read with another one and played dress up with the third.

The older two are 10 and 8. They were talking today about what they want to be when they grow up. The 10 year old wants to be a Marine Biologist. The 8 year old wants to be a fashion designer/model. We have all decided that the 4 year old better marry actual royalty. She wears princess dresses all the time.

They amaze me. The have the loftiest of dreams. I will encourage them to follow these dreams and never settle. One of them asked me tonight if I thought they could achieve their dream. My reply. You can be anything you want to be.

Maybe I should listen to my own advice from time to time.

They are growing up right before my eyes. Today was a gift. Spending time with these bright, young girls who miss me when I am not around. They value what I have to say and they shower me with kisses, hugs and an occasional poke in the eye in the attempt.


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