Atta Boy, Way to Go, Good Job…

Today I took a small road trip. Had to go to another town for work. After the work was finished, the weekend could begin.

I needed to pick up a few things so I had several stops to make.

Somewhere amid these stops, I realized I was hungry. I usually don’t like shopping alone, but in theory I was not alone. I was having a running conversation with someone on social media, so it felt like they were right there beside me, which is where I would have liked for them to be but it couldn’t happen.

Sorry, rambling….. so I went to a national chain restaurant. I noticed the parking lot was full. I didn’t realize that every table in the place was full and my starting point in line was half way back through the building. Normally, I would have gotten flustered and gone somewhere else. I didn’t. The line actually moved very quickly. I got my food almost as soon as I ordered. It was a very pleasant experience. I went outside to enjoy some sunshine with my food. It was warm enough to day that it was comfortable. I listened to a group of college students who came and sat next to me, trying to solve all the worlds problems. Good luck with that one kids. I sat there for a while, not a great deal of time. I can’t be still. I went back inside to take my tray and I saw the manager dumping ice into the ice bin.

I walked up to the counter and said “Are you the manager”? She got this look on her face, I know that look, It is the brace yourself, here it comes look. She said “Yes, I am”. I then proceed to tell her the following: “I just want to commend your crew on a job well done. The were facing what seemed like an insurmountable task. They did it with grace and kindness for each of their customers. People are quick to tell you what you do wrong and sort of lazy telling you what you do right. So job well done.”

I looked at this lady and she had tears in her eyes. You could tell that not many people tell her they appreciate her AND HER CREW. She looked around at her crew and then I knew why this lady was managing a winning team. She said “Did you hear that guys? GREAT JOB!!!”

As someone who keeps others looking good and never getting any credit for it, I could see why these people work so hard for this lady. She gave credit where credit was due. Sometimes, an atta boy goes a long way.


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