Knowing This That The Trying of Your Faith Worketh Patience…

We tend to get wrapped up so much in our own little messes that we don’t take time to care about others anymore.

There are so many people hurting at this moment. We have to take care and not get tunnel vision and miss those who need our prayers. Sometimes words to the person can’t help. That is when I talk to the one who can comfort hearts in a way that no human can. I pray.

I pray for those I love. Every morning and every evening, I pray for them. There are a couple of things that are weighing on my mind this morning. Things I can do nothing about but pray.

One involves a member of a contemporary Christian band, Casting Crowns. Their lead singer Mark Hall has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Walking this road with my late husband, I know exactly how devastating this disease can be. He battled kidney cancer for 18 months.

I read Mark’s wife’s post on social media yesterday about how they were walking around in a fog. I totally remember that feeling. When they told me, my husband was not conscious.

It was a Sunday morning in a small town ER. He was there for something else. The doctor walking in after a x-ray and said “How long has he had that mass on his right kidney”? I just looked at him and said “What mass”? I at that point walked into a fog. It would have to be me that told him what was going on. How do you tell the person you love that they have a terrible disease? Very carefully. Very lovingly. Very hopeful that things will turn out for the best.

Then came the whirlwind of doctors appointments. The scans and the waiting for results. The treatments that were sucking the strength from him daily.

If you faith has never been tested, it will be then.

I think about Mark Hall and the songs I have heard him sing over the years encouraging people to be strong, to stand firm in their faith, to be courageous, to thrive. I know he is a man of faith. I pray for him, for his wife, for his family, for the other member of Casting Crowns.

More locally, a mother lost 3 children to a house fire. I don’t have children so I can’t even begin to understand loosing one much less three, all at the same time. There are no words that humans can speak that will ever bring comfort to this woman’s heart. There is no way with our human limitations that we can begin to bring peace into her life. Only God can do that.

These are things that do not effect me personally, but I do empathize   with these families.

We are all to quick to complain about how we look, those few pounds we have added over the winter, how our boss makes us miserable, how we want this or that. These people have real problems. Problems that no one but God can fix.

We don’t know why things happen the way the do. Believe me, I have asked why. Not because my faith is lacking, simply because as with any child, our first question is why. Not because we don’t trust, simply because we do not understand.


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