Your Life Work…..

I tend to ponder on deeper things than I discuss with most people. I am the type of person who can be talking to someone, doing three other things and be thinking on something more meaningful underneath the conversation I am having because something that was said, made me start thinking.

This happened to me yesterday. I was cutting up egg cartons and was talking to a lady about why I put so much effort into the crafts I use with toddlers and preschoolers. I do most of the work, They add the finishing touches and it is then their project. They need a boost. The don’t need to use box cutters and harsh glue I can do that to help them along the way to making what they see as a masterpiece.

We may see egg cartons but when you see them leave showing everyone in their path what they made, it is worth every second. I told her that I had never had children of my own. At this point, ain’t gonna happen. She said “You see it as your way of contributing to the next generation”.

That flipped that switch in my brain…”What is my ‘Life Work’? “. Why am I here, on this planet, walking around? Why do I wake up every ¬†morning? God has a plan for all our lives. It is bigger than the work we are here to perform to draw a paycheck. It is bigger than the photography I do, even though I try to tell the story of things that can’t speak for themselves.

I don’t know what my life work is. It may just be to leave the world a little better than I found it. It could be to make people laugh, to lend an ear, to be the voice of reason when others are frazzled because I spend so much time worrying about things myself. It could be to make some child love written and spoken words so much that they may be the next best selling author or storyteller. It may be to help people notice things that are truly taken for granted. Things that go unnoticed but they are full of beauty, they have a back story, an underlying something that others don’t get to see but I do.

I know it is to love. I try to do that to the best of my ability. I may not do it right, they may not understand that I love with everything I have. I know it is to care about people. I know it is to share my story. A story of trial and error. A story of faith and grace, for the two do stroll hand in hand. I do know it is to learn new things and learn how to be a better person.

I don’t know why I am here. I struggle with that daily. I want to do my best, to use all the talent God has given me. It is not easy. It is painful at times. It is an adventure. I have fear. Who doesn’t??

As they say in a children’s movie I love, Rocks have NO FEAR and rocks SINK……Maybe the fear, the wonder, that I feel is part of what helps me fly.


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