One Should Not Open a Box of Fiddle Faddle In The Car…

We were supposed to have sleet and freezing rain here today. I had enough to keep me occupied at home. I had no plans with my person today. I was just going to stay home. Work on a project for work. I was going to work on another project that I am learning and finally making progress on. I was going to start a new painting project. I had a plan.  You know what they say about the best laid plans.

I was going to stay home. There was one thing I needed to do today. I knew I needed to do it when I awoke this morning I needed to go to the cemetery. My late husbands birthday would be this coming Thursday. March 5th. For the last two months I have been attending meetings several times a week. Every meeting I would hear, March 5th. My brain said “His birthday”.

I know the world doesn’t stop to observe that day, I won’t either. I will just note it and move on with my day. We are having a cake that day, to celebrate this big project that has been months in the making. Yay, a cake, on March 5th. Not so much.

I had painted some on the project for the little ones and it still was not raining. I needed to let the pant dry, I would go take a few photos.  Yes, the first deviation from the days plan.

At some point along this journey,  I stopped to pick up something to drink and there it was…a box of Fiddle Faddle.

Hadn’t had any for a while. I would eat a few bites. Well, this short trip covered over a hundred miles, 3 counties and 2 states.

I went to the cemetery. I went to a pond that I like to go to. Okay maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there. The road wasn’t closed bur there were signs suggesting you not be up there under certain weather conditions. I took it as just that, a suggestion.  I went and visited the old house that I visit often. She is dying of neglect. Then I turned left instead of right.  Deviation number 2.

This  took me to another county. I rode some of the road I know there. I then decided I needed gas and went and filled up in a neighboring state. Gas is cheaper across the line.

As I drove, I listened to a piece of music. Trying to absorb it. Trying to get a feel for how I am going to let the world see what I hear when I hear it. For the full trip I listened to one piece of music, probably looking like a conductor at times. As I drove, I would reach over and take a handful of Fiddle Faddle.

I don’t have anymore Fiddle Faddle. I had a nice trip. I enjoyed it. I would have like to have seen my person, but other than that, it has been a really good day.

Needless to say, my paint has dried and now I can get back to work.


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