I See Music…..

Confession time….. I am a very interesting creature. God hard wired me to have many different interest. You know about my love of the people in my life, children, animals, photography, coffee, learning new things. I also like mud bogs, popular music, reading (when I can concentrate on it), being outdoors. Now here are a couple things that will surprise the people who know me in real life. I don’t talk about it much. I guess at heart I am truly the “nerdy” girl. I love poetry, I love classical music.

Where I live, well let’s say, it not the cultural hub of, uuuummmmm, anything.

It is a small town. There are no museums, there are lots of artists, there are a couple of art galleries. There are other art galleries in driving distance. One of my dreams is to go to a real art museum, but only with the right person. I know who instantly came to my mind as I typed this.

I am not an artist. I am the first to admit it. There is something calming about the projects I try. I do paint very basic things. I have concepts. I can see things in my mind. Sometimes I get pretty close.

I basically do the “art” I do for the calming effect it has on my spirit. I love to feel a paint brush on a canvas. I use thing like poetry,  painting and music as buffers against a world that is harsh at times.

So on this snowy morning, I sit here nursing a cup of coffee and listening to Tchaikovsky. I sit here and I see butterflies and fairies dancing about in a meadow as the flutes and clarinets hit their sweet, light notes.

I see a turtle working his way along the same meadow as the oboes and saxophones hit their low, brooding notes.

I see the music. In modern, popular music, I do like it also, if you took away the lyrics, what would you see? Would they all pretty much sound the same? Don’t get me wrong I love all types of music. It’s just that from time to time, you need to remove the country singer with the jeans that look like he was poured in them, the half dressed women who are selling their bodies as much as they are the music, the classic rockers who will never get tired of screaming til they can’t speak.

Sometime you just need to listen to the music the masters wrote. You have to wonder what influenced them so that they could provide the world with beautiful music that would last for generations. What inspired them?

This is the music I listen to when I want to escape. The piece I am listening to right at this moment. I see myself riding along, in a beautiful setting, maybe with that special someone, maybe all alone. There are not many people I would want to be on this journey. Okay just one besides me. My person.

We would be on some adventure. Just the two of us. Knowing that we could face whatever comes our way, together.

This type of music allows the daydreamer in me who has to stay at bay a lot of the time to come out and say let me show you what I see. You may be sitting in your house on a snowy morning in February. I am going to transport you to a place where the grass is green, there are flowers of all sorts, there are woodland creatures and butterflies, dragonflies, there are creatures that are not of this world. Close your eyes for a moment, let me take you to that place.

Take a break today. Listen to music that touches all your senses. Allow it to penetrate your soul. Allow it to carry you away to that world you dream of…..the coffee, well that is optional, but highly suggested cause I do love my coffee.


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