She Dances with Her Shadow….

 After a sleepless night, the night before, she needed to think pleasant thoughts. It had been night of restlessness and nightmares. A flash back of sorts. There was one memory from Chapter One of her life she just couldn’t shake. It sneaks up on her silently in her dreams. She awoke herself screaming. Unaware for a few seconds of what was real. The fear, was very real. And she cried. Some things you just don’t forget.

She sits and she watches the snow fall outside her window. She thinks of the one person who can warm her heart on a cold winter night. She smiles. How she wishes she could make him understand that every word she says to him is true. That there is a deeper feeling than mere words can express.

She get up, walks into her living room. She turns on the stereo. Slowly music begins to invade her senses and she starts to sway. She is dancing. She tries  to imagine what it would be like to feel his arms around her. Her arms are empty. She looks around the room and the small lamp by the sofa is casting her shadow on the wall. She is dancing with her shadow.


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