My Big Night Out On The Town

Yesterday, I looked  at my schedule and decided that over the next couple of weeks I am not going to have time to go and pick up items for the valentine’s photo shoot I am doing.

Usually, not a big deal but there are some things I don’t like to do.

I don’t like going out on weekend nights. I usually stay at home and work on something.

I don’t like shopping by myself.

I don’t like going places where there will be people by myself. Send me to the woods alone. Let me walk trails alone. Put me in a crowd, give me someone I am close to. Usually, the shopping is done with my best friend. I just don’t like going out by myself. That is the very reason the majority of my shopping is done locally. There will be someone I know.

So last night, after spending some time with my person and a mutual friend of ours, I went to see what I could find. I found as soon as I got there I wanted to be home. There is a joke about people like me….I want to be out, I want to be around people and as soon as you are there, I want to be home.

I went to two stores found what I needed, went through the drive thru and picked up a sandwich and ate it while driving home.

The entire trip was less than 3 hours. From the time I left to pulling back into my drive way.

When I got home, I cleaned out my closet, trying to scale down the “stuff” in my life. I edited photos. I posted photos to my business social media page and I went to bed.

I was much happier being in my space, doing my thing, without trying to smile at people who look at you with that pitiful look when you are alone.

It was a time well spent, I got done what I needed to do, but like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…..

There’s no place like home….but “home” is where your heart is. So, there are a couple places I feel at home.


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