To Sleep… Perchance to Dream….

On any given night, you could pass my house at almost any hour and see my lights on in the middle of the night. Every light in the house. This is because my sleep has been interrupted and I am working on something. I might be doing laundry, cleaning, working on a project, writing a blog, most anything. In the summer you might find me sitting on my front porch or on my carport in my swing.

Last night was one of those nights. My sleep was awakened after an amazing dream. It had me so high strung that I cleaned, worked on a project and started another one. I was awake from the hours of 3 to 6 am.

When I went back to sleep, I dreamed another dream. It is odd for me to remember so vividly two totally different dreams  yet they were connected, somewhat. Most nights if I do dream I don’t remember it.

The second dream is one I have had before.It was some time back.  As with this night show that my subconscious laid out before me, I remember the outcome of that one also. It was the same. It was almost like deja vu in dreamland.

In these dreams, a choice was laid out before me. It is a choice that could never be, a decision however had to be made in the dream. The same time I chose the same way.

 I don’t know why I have had this same decision to make on more than one occasion. Like I said earlier, it is a choice that will never be. It cannot be made.

It does lead one to wonder though that if things had been different, what might have been different in my life. To some degree it is choosing to live the present over living the past and living it to it’s fullest.

I don’t even begin to understand dreams. I know that they are the wanderings of our minds when our barriers are down. When we don’t have the filters engaged and the walls up.

It is nice to dream again and see something positive. I have had so many bad dreams that interrupted my slumber Having an amazing dream, getting stuff done, and then getting to dream a new dream, that is pretty awesome!!!


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