Letting Go With Grace

Last evening my hot water heater died. It had rusted through the bottom. It has been in this house 22 years. It has done it’s job well.

So I called my dad, who knows who to contact to get things like that done. The guys who came to fix it were top notch. The biggest problem was everything in my laundry room had to be moved out into my living room.

While they were here, I was in my bedroom going through stuff. I open a box which contained approximately 200 sympathy cards. They were sent 3 and 1/2 years ago. I sat in my bedroom floor leaned up against the bed and I reread each and every card.

There were cards from family, friends, different doctors offices, his care givers, home health workers, my co-workers from different branches, people he and I knew during our journey. Even former co-workers from as far as 20 years back had sent cards. He was a well respected man.

The one that brought the tears rolling down my face was the one from my mom.

It said ” My Child, I could not find a card to say what I want to say to you and my own words seem to fail me. I am very proud of the woman you are.You have been a loyal and faithful wife.”

Here I am with two strangers in my laundry room, my living room destroyed with “stuff” being moved and I am siting in my bedroom floor reading these cards. Crying!! Of course this is when they want to ask me something.

As I read these cards, I decided which ones I wanted to keep. I kept the ones from people who knew him, knew me, knew our story. I didn’t try to keep what was happening as he was making his transition a secret. Out of the 200 I might have kept 30.

I don’t need all of  them anymore. They were nice at the time. It was nice to be remembered.. But sometimes you have to let go of the things that are weighting you down before you can fly.

It takes a great deal of strength to let go with grace.


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