Don’t Mess With My Peeps…..

Being from a small town has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks. This week I have seen some of the drawbacks.

I have seen the town come together and I have seen them tear each other apart.

Today, I got angry. Not just miffed, irked, pissed or peeved. I got angry. I can usually control my anger. Something happened earlier in the week to someone close to me.

Now, you can kick me until I am down and keep kicking me, I will take it. When you do something to someone in my circle, then all bets are off. I want to be there  to see that piddling little throne they have but in a castle made of cards comes tumbling down. You don’t mess with my people.

I don’t mean that as a threat but when you have used somebody I care about until you are draining the life out of them, this is happening to a couple of people in my world, then I personally have a problem with you and I will stand and fight for them til the bitter end.

In this circumstance, I honestly see it as a blessing in disguise. I don’t however like that it happened. Some of the things these users have depended on me, personally, before will stop. Why should I help them??? I know who I am loyal to and who I’m not. I am loyal to my circle.

Like I said, I got angry. I don’t like getting angry. I will get irritated but not ANGRY. If I am angry, someone I love is hurting or has been treated wrongly. That makes me angry. I had to go off alone today to reign it in. I had to hear my feet on the trail. I have decided that the amount of mud on my car is in direct correlation to the amount of emotions coursing through me.

I also learned that when i am in such a state, I should not drive to “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” because the faster Charlie Daniels fiddles, the faster I drive.

I dealt with my anger. Luckily, nobody but crows were around as I dealt with it. I haven’t even told this person that I have these feelings. They don’t need to know, they probably will at some point, just not in this moment.

Be assured though, I have eyes wide open….don’t mess with my peeps.


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