Yet Another Not So Gentle Reminder….

Today has been a pity party. I hate to say it and I hate those days. I have felt bad for over a week and I have just been icky Being a female, this is not the best week to be down. I am missing my normal Sunday. I told you I am not a good patient. I have worked on projects. I actually got two things I have been working on finished. I know  who I am missing today. I miss his voice. I miss talking with him.

I was laying on my sofa watching one of my favorite Britcoms when my mom called me. She had told me earlier to expect my dad with a care package for the sickly. When the phone rang, I wasn’t expecting what she told me…..

“A tree fell on the preacher’s car. He is fine but his car has been totaled. Your daddy is gone to see how he can help.”

I got up and got dressed to go see if he was okay  I knew there was really nothing I could do, I probably didn’t need to be out in the air but he is my preacher. He drove that same car many miles up and down the road when I needed him.He had been there for me,  I it was my turn  to be there for him. He was fine but shaken up. Who wouldn’t be?? Thankfully, his wife has the flu. Yes, I said thankfully, if she had been with him today, things might have turned out very differently. Her side of the car took the brunt of the impact. Cars can be replaced, people can’t.

Several years back, a young lady I went to school with was killed in the same type of accident.

Once again though I was reminded that things can happen quickly. Lives can be snuffed out in a second. You can leave with words unsaid and hearts can be broken. I should remember this more than I do. I try to remember it. I try to say how I feel even if I stumble over my words like I don’t know how to make a complete sentence. I am much better at writing yet, I want to speak it with my voice.  Should I be the next one to leave, I don’t want words left unsaid. If I never see my person face to face again, I want him to know that he is loved with all my heart. There was no regrets in Chapter One, I want none in Chapter Two.

Needless to say the pity party is over. I have a cold and a cough, An icky one but I will,  if God wills it, see tomorrow.  This not so gentle reminder that was used to remind many of us that tomorrow may never come.


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