The Waiting Place

I am in the waiting place. A place of dormancy A resting place. At times a tough place to be.

It is kind of funny, today three people who didn’t know I was in the waiting place, brought up the word “wait”. One was my mom, the second was a friend who was in my wedding 20 some odd years ago and lastly, my person. To which I replied, that seems to be my life lately. I should have explained it but it is hard to explain. It is hard to explain how you feel something big coming and your soul is preparing you for what is to come.

I am working on things.  I am working on a painting,  there is a steampunk item I am working on, and of course the photography. I am working. I am also quite. This happens when I am here. I have been here before. A couple years back. That was one of the best waiting places of my life.

After the time spent in the waiting place, things started happening. I am in this cycle again and I know something will grow from it. A tree, when it is dormant is resting. I feel like that is what is happening. I am resting for what is coming next.

I am quite because I need to listen. I need to watch. I need to just be. I don’t need the world to know that I am in this place. I do need the people in my world to know that nothing is wrong. Everything is very right. I am just resting.

I know that there is something big on the horizon. I think that a lot of the things I have been planning and dreaming about are going to happen soon, but for now I wait, I rest.

Waiting… stay or rest in expectation of the proper time for things to happen.


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