That Moment of Awe

 I usually do well with stress. I thrive on it at times. I have to see an end goal to perform efficiently. Being in limbo, I struggle. Give me a goal, a time line, turn me loose and see what I can do. According to some, I have to “crank myself up”, it is in my nature

Okay, maybe I have noticed that pattern. I have had about a 3 week stressor trying to get my car fixed. It was a recall and I had taken it to the shop once and it needed a part, that was supposed to be in the next day. I waited no call. At the end of last week, they called me and wanted to schedule the repair for yesterday. When I get to a certain point with stress, I go silent. I don’t voice it anymore, I sit and I think on it. I might mention it but that will be about it.

I make arrangements for my best friend to  travel with me so I don’t have to sit in a auto shop for what they said when scheduling the appointment 2 hours.

I get up and get into the car and start down the road. It is snowing. As I go toward my friends home, the light comes on that the air in my tire is low. I go by my dad’s shop and we check the air in the tire. He ask me what the air should be. I told him 32 psi. I know this, so he double checks what I told him. Guess what…32 psi.

So he fills the tire and sends me along my way.

I go to my friends house. Meet up with her and we go along our journey. Life gets in the way sometimes and we don’t get to spend as much time as we would like. So when we get together, we have fun.

We drop off the car, asking again how long will it take. The time has now doubled, it will take 3-4 hours. Never mind that I had told my friend it would take a couple hours. That she had taken her time to help me out. Okay, breathe, three to four hours is better than the steering going out.

Yesterday, I went thrift shopping for the different projects i was working on. I found some jeans I wanted to try on. I called her over and had her look at them. They fit me a little more true than some of the jeans I have worn recently. My jeans tend to be somewhat baggy, photographers stoop and bend a great deal. You don’t want to have a blow out while stooping. Being a female, we do want the jeans that ummmm….fit correctly.

I ask her 3 or 4 different ways how they look. She tells me they look good. Finally she gets what I am asking. She finally says, they hug all the right curves in all the right ways. In other words, I can be safe going out in them and they are not too tight, just tight enough.

We buy things for my projects. I find something that my person might need for one of his projects. She bought some jeans. I wonder how close my car is to being done. They are supposed to call. I have until 6 pm. My car is my trusty steed, it  is my means of exploring. This is important. The repair was important also,

We went shopping for her job and just enjoyed the time together.

As the fourth hour passed and I still had no phone call, I get irritated. I needed to be to a meeting, She was doing everything she could to buy them some time. She could tell I was getting antsy. I have been told that I don’t hide that well. Imagine that!!

So finally, I look at her and say I think I need to go check on my car. She said you could call them. I said Oh no, they can’t see my face over the phone.

When we got there, it was done….HELLO,” WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN IT IS DONE” !!!

We get my car, I stop back by her house. Then on my way to town, I take a road I have never ridden on before. Here is the difference between my friend and me. When we were riding around yesterday, we took a road neither one of us knew. She went out so far and when the road turned to gravel she said Oh no and turned around. Given the same circumstance by myself, I said “Oh Cool an adventure”. It was bound to come out on a road I was familiar with, at some point, somewhere.

That was one of the best turns I have taken in a good while. I say some beautiful views, some old houses, some silos. A lot of the things I love to photograph. I probably stopped 15 times on this little road. I was equipped, I had the time, I chose to enjoy the adventure. There was no one there to figure out  what I was doing or how I was doing it. It was just me and the old gravel road and what I was seeing. It was great.

I could have turned around. What I would have missed if I had though. This is not a comment on my friend turning around, it is a comment on society in general….. As long as the road is paved, things are smooth, they are good. Throw a bumpy, crooked road at them, they want to turn around. What an amazing journey the winding roads are.

At one point, I came around a bend in the road, the snow had fallen on some Christmas trees. The sun had broken through the clouds and there was a peach glow. It was breathtaking. I got the shot I wanted and I sat there in awe of what I was seeing.

Sometimes, taking the less traveled road, seemingly alone, is necessary. It is up to you if you see it as a burden or an adventure.


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