A Walk In The Woods


Today I went hiking with friends. It was a place I had never been. Although it is close to where I live, I had never been there. I had mentioned before to my person that I would like to go We haven’t made it there together yet.  I still want to go there with him When my friends asked me if I would like to go, I said Sure. I am always up for an adventure. This trip was supposed to happen yesterday but it didn’t.

We got there and we walked along. We went up and down hills, through marshy places, over fallen trees. I was the youngest of the group at the age of 46. We walked in these woods for 3 hours. The male in the group wasn’t paying any attention to us ladies on the hike. He would occasionally say watch this place or that. Of course, we would pay him no mind and we would trip, slide or step into something up to our ankles. He would tell us to stand where we were and he would wander off. He would then yell and tell us to follow his voice. We would of course make a joke about him trying to lose us and up the hill we would go like a billy goat.

Of course my camera made the trip. Everyone who has believed in me as a photographer was also along in spirit. My mom who bought me the camera. My person who has given me various items including polarizers, magnifiers, new batteries and lens protectors and of course his expertise that he has so freely shared with me. My cousin who had given me two lenses. Yes, had it not have been for these people I would not have been able to capture images on this trip.

We had fun. Got plenty of exercise, laughed. Still yet, in my heart, I wasn’t there with the person I longed to be there with.

I looked at different mosses, looked at the old fallen trees, looked at new growth amongst the dead trees.

It was a nice day, it was a new adventure. I now look through the images and see things I didn’t see when in the woods.

It was a walk in the woods.


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