A Crisp Winter Morning…..

It is a Saturday morning. The last day of my Christmas vacation. I am sitting here wrapped in my blanket, nursing a cup of coffee and daydreaming.

I know where my mind goes when I daydream. It goes to the things I would like. It goes to my person. It goes to some day. It goes to tomorrow ….. maybe.

I honestly want to be held. I want to be kissed, I miss physical touch.

I get moments of lonely. I try to avoid it. This morning, and it may be due to a conversation I had yesterday, I feel lonely.

It will get better. I will find things to do to keep my hands and my mind busy. It is what I do.

Today some friends and I are going hiking. It is a place I have never been before. So of course my camera will be along. There will be new things to see. It will not be with the person I want to be with.

It will be fun. I will enjoy it. It will keep my mind busy.It is something I have wanted to do. I wouldn’t do this by myself, yet it isn’t who I want to do it with.

The call just came in and I must remove myself from my blanket and get dressed for the day. Daydreaming over. Time to wake up and go about life.


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