The Word Lovely is Well…..Lovely

I was told on Sunday that I was lovely. That was nice, I however got to thinking about what makes someone “lovely”.

Some people are lovely in their looks. I looked up the definition of the word lovely, simply because that is what us word people do. Being told you are lovely to me means more than just being physically attractive.

There are a great number of people I would say are pretty or beautiful but maybe not lovely. To me lovely seems more graceful. More…ummmm….being beautiful from the inside out.  I use this word a great deal in my daily life.

To me, being lovely, comes from your heart. You can make someone’s world lovely just by being. I have a person who, yes is physically attractive, but oh how lovely he makes my world. He feeds my passions. He helps me grow as a photographer, he encourages me to write, he makes me long to be a better person. He has shown me that I can be happy and have fun and it is perfectly okay to do so, that I don’t need to feel guilty about being happy.

He is one of the most humble people I know. He is a 21st century Renaissance man. He is lovely. He is an amazingly lovely person and it starts from his heart and his mind.

So being told I was lovely, to me was a great compliment. I thanked the person who told me and of course, I started studying on it.

Be lovely, make someone’s world better simply by being that fantastic person you are. You never know whose life you are changing.


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