Just To Laugh

I love to laugh. Yesterday, I got to laugh, A LOT!!!

Last couple of days, I haven’t really had any plans. Meaning, I was just wandering aimlessly through my day. I did let an event at work fret me some in the wee hours of yesterday morning. I did what I needed to deal with it and went back to the no plan thing that I have going. Just go where the wind blows you.

Yesterday morning, my niece texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with them. I was slightly torn, I wanted to go to the local basket ball game but I also haven’t had a great deal with her and the girls as of late.

Things work out like they are supposed to because after I committed to go to the movies, the games was apparently canceled.

I went to the car to bring home some items that I had taken to work for the event and there was a lovely surprise waiting for me. Someone I really wanted to see was sitting in the parking lot. I got the goofy grin again.

We talked for a while and I had to go back in and help clean up. He made me laugh. I don’t do crowds very well. Used to, I could do crowds really well, I guess it is where I spend so much time alone, when there are so many different conversations going on around me, I get anxious. I had already taken two walks around the block to get out of the crowd for a while.

So, seeing him, knowing we could talk quietly, openly and honestly with, not to or at, each other was (for lack of a better word) lovely. He made me laugh. I was sitting in the back of my car and talking, laughing and I was content. My heart was happy.

After work, came movie time. What I didn’t know was that my oldest great niece was taking her little “boyfriend” with us as his Christmas gift.

He had given her his gift on Friday. She was wearing what he had given her. So here was this poor little boy with 2 pre-teen girls, a preschool aged little girl, their mom and their aunt. Bless him!! I don’t think he got to say a word all afternoon.

He took it like a champ though. He held doors for all of us. When we would thank him, he would say you’re welcome. He was a perfect little gentleman.

When the little one crossed the parking lot at the theater, his was the hand she held. And once again I laughed.

I listened to the singing, the conversation, I placed all these moments in that memory box in my heart for they will never come again. There will never be another ‘first movie date (it’s not a date) dates”. The pre-schooler will learn thing you do not spell Bingo in the following manner…. E-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his nameo. I took lots of pictures. I even recorded all the noise in the car on the ride back home.

I try to live my life as contently as I can. I try to live in peace with God and man. I try to enjoy my life. When I get that chance to laugh, that makes my life so much better. I love to be with people who make me laugh. I love to be with people who get me and allow me to be who I am with all my quirks. Who don’t judge my by what their standard for their life is. We are all different and if I get a chance to laugh, to love, to live and to make memories, I am going to do it with all the gusto I have in me.

I would be cheating the person that God made me to be, if I didn’t. So if you get the chance to laugh, do it. If is is a giggle, a snigger, or like me, you through your head back and laugh so loudly the whole world can hear, LAUGH. Even if you laugh til tears roll down your face, those are the best tears cause in that moment you are loving life.


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