Sometimes You Forget to Breathe

There is one person who makes me forget to breathe. That is a good thing. He reminds me to breathe when I am stressed out. When I am standing there looking at him, I get so lost in the moment, I forget that I would not look good passed out on the ground from lack of oxygen.

It is an involuntary action. You inhale the good air, exhale the bad air. This is taught to you from an early age, yet when those butterflies begin, I forget this.

Today was a prime example. I had a few errands to run, while wandering aimlessly through life and I didn’t think I would see him today. It was my day off and I didn’t have a plan for the day. I did see him. I sit in the car just a minute so that the silly grin on my face has time to adjust itself and get out of the car.

It is such a lovely feeling to feel this way again. I did once, a long time ago. Not so long ago to some but in my world, a long time ago. I had decided that I would never feel that way again. I was wrong.

This man has been oh so patient while I have made my way through Chapter 2 of my life. Without him, I am pretty sure that would have been a very short chapter. He is someone I treasure.

I get tongue tied when I am with him, the butterflies do their happy little dance, my breath catches and I love every moment of it. I feel like a school girl again.

I try not to convey the physical reaction my body is having, not so sure I pull that off. I wear sunglasses because there are times my eyes are dancing around or I am fidgeting because I can’t find my words. I am not the woman who flirts well, so I stand there trying to drop hints that just sound weird as soon as they leave my mouth. I then proceed to move forward with the conversation very quickly.

Yes, there are times I forget to do what comes naturally. It is freaking fantastic to be giddy and be left breathless.

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