A Day of Observation….

We get so caught up in the doing of our human experience, we tend to forget about the being part.

I guess to start this I should go back to last night. It has been one of those rushed weeks. Not all that stressful, just the busyness of life. Yesterday was no different. I decided that when the rushing of the day was done, I was going to take a bath. I am normally a morning shower person. So when I take a bath it is to soak all my cares away.

Imagine, I am the chic in the Calgon commercial. You know where you are soaking in the tub with bubbles up to your chin and suddenly there are flowers and butterflies. It was one of those soaks.

I put on my flannel jammies and curl up with a book. That did not last long. I was out. I slept well only waking up once during the night and going right back to sleep. I dreamed pleasant dreams about my person. I actually awoke refreshed for the first time in many days.

I got to work and when I got there  I start walk toward the building and I saw this bird land on a seemingly dead tree. It had shed it’s leaves. Barren; There was nothing for the bird to hide in. As I stood leaned up against my car, I heard it sing it’s morning song. It was so pretty. Two distinct calls were coming out of the bird. It was in a perfect rhythm. It wasn’t bothered that I was listening to it. I didn’t make it nervous, as I had been the other night when I had sang in front of a group that included my person. I was just doing what it does. It was singing it’s own song. It wasn’t singing for me. It was singing and my timing was guided so that I would be there to hear this song. Nature’s music, it can be heard in animals, wind, water, all sorts of things.

I went on into the building to receive a message that made me smile and proceeded about my day. I was going “home”. Today was the day I went back to the elementary school I attended as a child. I go monthly and read to them.

As I arrived, I was informed that there was going to be a fire drill while I was there. I proceeded to go down to the hall to the first class I was seeing today. The Pre-K class. These little people are always happy to see me. I asked the teacher to pull up a specific version of “Silent Night” that I wanted to do sign language to.

She told me I could go ahead and start with reading. I was standing there, still in my coat (remember, I knew the fire drill was coming shortly). I told her I wanted to do the song first. She was looking for the song when the fire alarm went off. We proceeded out of the room.

It was cold here today. I saw three little ones stand there in  short shirt sleeves shivering. I took my coat off and wrapped it around them. I just bundled all three of them up in it. One of the little girls looked at me and said, this is a warm blanket.

To me it was a coat. To her it was a blanket. It still contained my body heat so to her, I guess it did feel like a blanket.

Once the fire drill was over we went back inside and I took my “blanket” back. I did my program. They showed me the song they are singing for their Christmas program. I was sent on my way with hugs and a chorus of Merry Christmases.

I went to the school Media Center to finish my programming for the other three classes. The kindergarten group comes in and they are so excited. There was one little girl I have know since she was in a baby car seat. She sat beside me even though she couldn’t see the pictures. Their teacher hadn’t come back to the media center before I finished the planned program so we sang Jingle Bells and then I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. As I made my way around the semi-circle, I got to about half way just pointing and asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Suddenly the little girl beside me took over. She would call them by name and ask them what they wanted. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I should be very flattered.

They left and the 1st and 2nd graders came in. I had started each program with Silent Night in sign language. I noticed that this group was trying to do the movements as I did them. I asked that the song be played again. Before it was started, I went through the movements with the children. I explained that each movement meant something special and unique. We played the song again and this time they all did it with me.

There was a moment during that song that I caught my breath and tears sprang up in my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. 33 little souls all signing “Silent Night”. It caught me off guard the effect it had on me.

I did have a great day, as my earlier message had wished me. Not in the way I had imagined, it wasn’t  a good  day as in I survived to fight another day. It was a great day in the fact that I was able to hear a bird sing her natural song, I was able to provide a “blanket” for some cold babies. I was assisted by a little one who was willing to help me and I got my breath taken away by the feeling of awe at seeing so many learning something new. If that isn’t a great day, then I don’t know what is.


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