Why Are We Saving The “Good China”???

I live in the south. In the south back in the day, every girls dream was to have a fancy set of China. Those dishes that you save for special occasions. My mom has a set, my mother-in-law had a set, that was passed down to my husband from which it became mine from default.

These dishes haven’t been eaten off of in 20 years. They sit in a cabinet collecting dust waiting for that special occasion when they will be used. You take them out, wash them carefully and put them back.

They are waiting ….for what??? Nobody comes to my house. Even if they did, I would probably use the plates I use daily. Why don’t we use the good china?? So what if it breaks.

We spend way too much time looking at things saying I will wait until (fill in the blank here). We will all have a different answer for that one.

I have known people who put money back so they could do this or that. They did without things they needed regularly so they could stash money away. They worked their life away just to die and leave it for others to fight over. Why???

Live while you are here. Enjoy your life. Enjoy those people in your life. Use the good china, on a Thursday. Why, oh heck, because it is Thursday. Do you need a better reason to celebrate. The fact that you are alive on Thursday is cause for celebration. Your clock could have wound down on Wednesday. Don’t wait, life is passing you by why you are sitting on the couch looking at the good china that was owned by 2 people before you, who don’t need it now!!!


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