Happy Thanksgiving

It is that all American holiday, where families of all kinds try to put aside their differences in hopes to consume a meal together, peacefully. You sit with people you love but sometimes don’t like and overeat by a tremendous amount and watch football. Sounds lovely. People have forgotten the meaning of the holiday. To give THANKS!! I try to practice thanksgiving everyday.

I spent my first Thanksgiving “alone” today. When I say “alone”, this means I never left my house. In the past, in chapter 1 of my life, we went to my parents house. After my husband transitioned from the physical to spiritual world, we changed what we do.

  I had plans but they fell through.Thing I wanted to do … Sigh….. It didn’t turn out as planned. Some friends, my person and I were going to surprise a friend who worked today but snow stopped that. My family was going out to eat. My dad, who works for a Christmas tree farmer has to work on Thanksgiving. It is one of their busiest days of the year, so all of you can have Christmas trees right after this holiday, My mom will not think of getting out if it is slick so, family dinner canceled. I had my day to myself. It was different but it was a day of solitude and reflection.

Now before you think I am throwing a pity party. I was happy as a clam to spend my day at home doing things I want to do. I went through some things I needed to take to the local thrift shop. I collect snowmen so I started putting them out today. I did some cleaning. I worked on something new I am learning. Reread some information on something I have been studying on a good while. I started two new projects.

I heard from those I love. My person, my best friend, my sister, my mom and a little while ago, my dad who had worked all day stopped and picked up my dinner at a local restaurant, just so I would have a special meal on this holiday. He never asked me how I was doing. Just brought the plate to my door, handed it to me and left. That is my dad.

I thought about those who have come before and those I have in my life now.  So it has been a great Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for and although I was alone, I was not lonely. If you were alone today, I hope you had a reason to smile, something to keep your hands and your mind busy and someone who made your heart smile.


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