The Perfect Day for A Day Dream…


“I’d lay down in a field by your side
And watch every star falling out of the sky,
And I’d steal a kiss from your sweet lips one last time,
And I wouldn’t be afraid as long as your hand was in mine.”
Watch The World End With You by Trace Adkins

I went to take photos today. No big news there. It has been a stressful week. Yesterday made up for it though. I really liked yesterday. So today, I checked out from the world. I went to my spot. I have been there oodles of times. Today however was different. I didn’t jump out of the car and feverishly take photos. I studied. I studied when the light stopped hitting a particular flower, how it looked behind the leafless, seemingly lifeless tress, when it had gone so far down that I could no longer get a good photo. I got what I would consider 4 good photos today.

It takes more than a good camera to be a photographer. It takes hours and hours of practice and patience. Which I am not strong on. I admit it. I am getting better. I used to be very impatient but hours of sitting in hospitals, you learn patience.

Yesterday, I was reminded that I needed to be patient and wait for the shot to come to me not to run and gun shoot like I was stealing something.

So today I sat, in my car, it was cold!! 22 degrees to be exact. Now if you are reading this in Alaska, I’m sure that feels like a heat wave, in the sunny south…a little nippy.

Of course I had music playing. I always have music playing. I am listening to Bruno Mars as I type this. This is not the song I want to talk about in this post. I was listening to the song mentioned in the quote above.

Of course my mind wandered, I began to day dream. I know who entered my mind. I sat there and thought about him and how he has made such a difference in the life of a woman who at one point had given up on herself and the world. A woman who felt invisible and who thought she would never matter again. A woman who thought her lot in life ended when her late husband’s time in the Earthly realm had ended.

As I sat there, I saw him perfectly. I know every line and curve of his face. His eyes that see right into my soul. There is more but I will stop there. A girl can’t give all her secrets away. I thought about how much he has invested in me, teaching me so many new things not only photography. He has taught me to look at myself differently. To see that there is a beautiful woman in the mirror, who may not be entirely comfortable with what she sees but she is not the hideous creature she once saw when she looked into the mirror.

It was nice to just sit for a while and let the mind wander. To visualize this amazing person that I have been allowed to have in my life and know that somewhere along the line we were fated to meet. That someone bigger than us wanted us to have this time together in our journey.  I’m not sure what I have brought into his life. I hope I have made some difference and he is glad that he met me. I hope from time to time he hears a song and I come to his mind I don’t ask. He doesn’t say.

Have you sat around lately and just daydreamed?? It truly is a nice way to escape the stress of work life, the rushing from day to day dealing with reality. Just to have those few moments that you can see your ideal and see it so clearly it feels like you could reach out and grab it.


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