We’re all little girls at heart…..

So today is Sunday. One of my favorite day of the week. It is that day when I rest, relax and have coffee.

Coffee time is when I have the face time with my person. It is time I treasure. Any face time with him is something I enjoy.Sunday in the coffee shop, where we are relaxed, by far and away my favorite. This is where we talk about things we want to do individually and as part of the group of creatives who meet together on our other favorite day of the week.

Today, we were talking about a project. He said you and (he named two other names) all want to be models. You won’t admit it, but you do. I didn’t say yes or no. I am 46 years old and a short “stocky” woman. I would love to be someones idea of the perfect woman. I don’t know that will ever happen again.

I am the first to point out my flaws. I don’t want to be seen by the world as an object of beauty, just by him. I will admit to taking a selfie or dozen, when I think I look nice. I don’t feel like I look beautiful very often. I am fairly plain in my view, most of the time. I am learning to embrace the skin I am in. I don’t know how to flirt, I try and usually come off sounding and feeling like a complete failure. I was kind of out of practice until he came along.

I want to walk up to him and say, I just wanna kiss you all over your face. The words won’t come. Why??? Because all us women are little girls at heart.  I don’t care if you are a Paris runway model or a 46 year old librarian. You, deep down are that little girl who wants to feel like a princess and believes in magic, dreams and wishes. With all your shields and fences you put up for your own protection, you want someone to make you feel special. You also have those little girl fears and insecurities. You look at yourself and see everything that is not right about you but is great for everyone else.

Every woman, every woman, is that little girl deep down inside. That is okay. It is part of that thing that gets her out of bed every morning. The chance that today that wish will be fulfilled, that dream will come true, that the prince will grab her and kiss her all over her face.

Dreams and wishes do come true everyday, until they do, take care of that little girl that lives deep within. She is a VIP on the journey that is your life.


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